State College City-Serve Does Mountain Clean-up

Can we serve you now?

This is the rallying cry of a group of dedicated volunteers from the State College City-Serve project, On Sunday, April 27, a group of City-Serve volunteers spent the day picking up trash and removing debris from the hiking trails on Mt. Nittany.

The 17 volunteers split into 4 teams that covered all nine-miles of hiking trails and a couple miles of four-wheel drive roads on Mt. Nittany. They picked up garbage, re-blazed faded blue and white trail markings, and did trail maintenance such as cutting dead-falls that were the obstructing the trails. They also picked up trash from the parking lot and the upper part of road leading to Mt. Nittany hiking trail parking lot.

Matthew McKinney, the project team leader, sent us the following picture with this statement.

I’ve attached one photograph of the trash collected off the Mountain, 4-wheel drive road and parking lot. It’s disconcerting and I wish there was a way to educate, enforce and regulate littering – but I am glad we live in a community that’s fortunate enough to have such a great place for hiking! I will email some actual work photographs as they filter in to me and again, thank you for the opportunity to serve!

Trash Collected on the Mountain


Please, with the picture of the above garbage left on the Mountian in full view, if you do take the opportunity to use the Mountain, please note that we have a Carry in, Carry Out Trash Policy; NO trash receptacles are located along the trails!

Enjoy the trails. Leave What You Find! Take OUT what you bring in!

To learn more about City-Serve, please watch these promotional videos: