The Story of Mount Nittany

Discover Mount Nittany as Known by Hikers, Penn Staters, and Conservationists

The Story of Mount Nittany

This is the 40 minute story of Mount Nittany’s history, preservation, and its place as a symbol of Penn State University and the Centre Region. Featuring the voices of hikers, experts, and key figures in the Mountain’s conservation. An ideal accompaniment for a hike up the Mountain beginning at the Mountain’s trailhead in Lemont. The story can be streamed below, or downloaded to your device.

Mount Nittany in Legend and Myth

This seven minute tale tells of the Mountain’s mythology and geology. The story can be streamed below or downloaded to your device.

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Beautiful Day and Beautiful Day Instrumental by Joshua Radin, used by permission of The Music Bed, LLC. The Story of Mount Nittany and Mount Nittany in Legend and Myth use many sounds from FreeSound. For the full list of credits, click here. Additional music and/or sound effects used with permission from and Simple Gifts, Lemont, PA.

Produced by Katie O’Toole and Patty Satalia
Executive Producer – Robert Frick