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Get Equipped for Your Encounter with Mount Nittany

Mount Nittany Trailhead, Trails, and Maps

Navigate to the Mount Nittany Trailhead in Lemont, Pennsylvania to start your hike.

We offer a full-size brochure with a trail map you can print. Additionally, free full-color trail maps are available in a Map Box attached to the large sign at the Mount Nittany Trailhead when you arrive for your hike. We have also installed a system of trail signs at critical intersections and points on the paths.

The map above shows the blazed Blue and White trails maintained by the Mount Nittany Conservancy. The loose sand and shale soils on the steep slopes are easily damaged and eroded. The Mountain is posted for foot travel only, as bicycles, motorized vehicles, and horses cause irreparable trail damage. Old, discontinued trails that run straight up and down the slopes should not be used. Fires are not permitted, due to risk of forest fire.

What is a hike like? Up and down, the trails are rocky and steep. Trails on top are relatively flat. Following the primary trails takes you on a big loop. Take a right at the top, and you can follow the perimeter Blue Trail around the whole Mountain. Six overlooks dot the Blue Trail—town and campus to the west; south to Boalsburg and Tussey Mountain ski area; southeast to Penns Valley.

A secret valley on top acts as a nature preserve—a special, quiet wilderness. Deer crisscross. Soon you reach north/northwest views of Spring Creek Water Gap, Rockview Penitentiary, and the rooftops of Bellefonte. This trail leads back to the western edge of State College.

Mount Nittany’s Trails on Google Street View

Terrain Model View from Campus


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Topographical Map of Hiking Trails


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Topographical Map Detailed View


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Distances between Wayfinder Stations


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GPS Coordinates

Trailhead Parking: N 40 48.691’ W 77 48.411’
Station 1: N 40 48.688’ W 77 48.340’
Station 2: N 40 48.533’ W 77 48.052’
Station 3: N 40 48.493’ W 77 48.145’
Station 4: N 40 48.440’ W 77 47.788’
Station 5: N 40 48.605’ W 77 47.606’
Station 6: N 40 48.657’ W 77 47.309’
Station 7: N 40 48.460’ W 77 47.159’
Station 8: N 40 48.603’ W 77 46.819’
Station 9: N 40 49.167’ W 77 47.137’
Station 10: N 40 49.086’ W 77 47.424’
Station 11: N 40 48.757’ W 77 47.841’

Elevation / Altitude gains of Hike


Notice: Traveling in the back country can be hazardous. You are responsible for informing yourself about these hazards and taking necessary precautions. Information on this web site may contain errors or omissions. Please use common sense when hiking, and follow all rules & regulations as well as Leave No Trace principles when recreating in the out of doors. The Mount Nittany Conservancy takes NO responsibility for any injuries, accidents, mishaps, etc. that might take place on the grounds of the Conservancy.

Review ( Mt. Nittany is the first hike many people take in Centre County, PA. Its fame comes from the legend of Princess Nittany, and it is a landmark for the Pennsylvania State University, whose mascot, the Nittany Lion, is named for. Hiking Mt. Nittany is easy, compared to most of the other hikes in Centre County. Getting there: Find your way to Lemont, PA, near State College (off of route 26). Once in Lemont, you’ll find your way around easily, since there are only a few streets in this quiet town. Find Mt. Nittany Road off of Pike Street (the main street in Lemont) and take it all the way to the end. You can park there and follow the white blazes.


Parking is available along Mt. Nittany Road as you approach the trailhead, and there is a new overflow lot to the west of the trailhead as indicated on signs as seen below.