Mount Nittany Conservation

Mount Nittany Landowners Can Conserve their Acreage Forever

Mount Nittany Right of First Offer Agreements

Mount Nittany landowners can establish “right of first offer” agreements with the Mount Nittany Conservancy as a way to make possible the permanent conservation and stewardship of their Mountain acreage. A “right of first offer” agreement allows the Mount Nittany Conservancy the opportunity to purchase the landowner’s Mountain acreage if/when the landowner or their heirs were to sell that acreage on the market. If, at the time the landowner chooses to sell their acreage, the Mount Nittany Conservancy is unable to exercise its “right of first offer” for whatever reason, the Mountain landowner would then be free to market/sell their property to a third party. A “right of first offer” is a common agreement and an innovative way to plan for the possible eventual permanent conservation of Mount Nittany lands for the future.

Mount Nittany Conservation Easements

Mount Nittany conservation easements are a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner on/around Mount Nittany and the Mount Nittany Conservancy that permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values. Mount Nittany landowners retain many of their rights, including the right to own and use the land, sell it, and pass it on to their heirs.

Conservation/Landowner Inquiries

If you are a Mount Nittany landowner interested in speaking with the Mount Nittany Conservancy about the above conservation opportunities, please email

Support the Mount Nittany Conservancy Fund

Centre Foundation’s “Mount Nittany Conservancy Fund” is a permanent endowment whose principal supports the Mount Nittany Conservancy’s annual budget and helps ensure the work of conservation is possible in perpetuity.

Support the Ben Novak Fellowship Fund

Centre Foundation’s “Ben Novak Fellowship Fund” is a permanent endowment whose principal makes possible the Mount Nittany Conservancy’s “Ben Novak Fellows“.