Paternoville’s Sweet Tooth

PV_cookie.jpegSince Paternoville students are the rabid Penn State supporters of this generation, the Mount Nittany Conservancy board wanted them to be aware of who actually is protecting the Mountain that they look out upon from the tents and chairs.

To get their attention, we showed up on Oct 28th during Penn State – Michigan game with with a little something sweet … cookies with the image of Mt. Nittany on them!

As we gave out the early Halloween treats (to the very appreciative Paternoville residents), we Here were the points we raided with them.

  • MNC is an all-volunteer board that maintains the trails and protects Mt. Nittany
  • MNC was founded in 1981, so 2011 is our 30th anniversary!
  • We need student and community support to keep the Mountain “green and growing”
  • Visit the website,, to learn more
  • Pass the message along to others. Ask them “Who ‘owns’ and protects Mt. Nittany?”

We had a great team of 10 people passing out the Mt. Nittany cookies that included student helpers, Friends of the Mountain, and MNC Board Members. We also passed out our brochure, A Symbol of our Pride, as well as a brief fact sheet about the Conservancy.

We did have a few extra cookies, so we headed off to the HUB to spread the word even further. And if you’re reading this, please do the same. Mt. Nittany is OUR Mountain. We need to be here to conserve it for future generations, 30 years and counting so far.

Update: had a photographer at Paternoville as well (we had clued them in beforehand). You can see more picture here. Paternoville Campers Pass Time with Cookies and Trashcan Football. We have a close-up of one of Nathan A. Smith photos on our Mountain Pics page as well.

Note: The cookies (and they were excellent) were purchased locally from the Sweet Tooth Bakery & Cafe of State College.

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