Circle K Installs Tom Smyth Rock

Circle K members once again volunteered on the Mountain yesterday. They arrived early (9 AM) and were treated to Sweet Art Bakery cinnamon rolls. (Thanks Laurie!)



The group helped out with two goals for the day. First, they were tasked to cover all 8 1/2 miles of trails to cleanup from the early season snow of the previous weekend. 3 groups walked around both the White and Blue trails to make this happen.

Second, one group travelled all the way to the Tom Smyth Overlook (Station 9).


Here they installed a memorial rock to our 2011 Friend of the Mountain awardee and long time volunteer Tom Smyth. The board has recognized Tom by renaming the Nittany Mall overlook in his honor. Smyth has led numerous efforts to preserve and conserve many of Mt. Nittany’s attributes, most recently helping the Conservancy fend off the 2008-2009 gypsy moth outbreak.The plaque reads:

The Tom Smyth Overlook

This Mountain is more lush and its
trails more inviting thanks to the
patient work and quiet leadership
of its friend Tom Smyth.

Presented by the Mount Nittany Conservancy


Here we see Circle K members before moving the rock to its permanent location. The Smyth Overlook in the background.


And here we have the new Tom Smyth rock!


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