Cael Sanderson and Penn State Wrestlers Volunteer

On September 29th the Penn State Wrestling Team, led by Head Coach Cael Sanderson, arrived at 9AM at the Mt. Nittany trailhead to start work. Split into 3 separate groups and led by MNC board members Bob Andronici, Vince Verbeke and John Menzell the wrestlers and their coaches installed water bars in 2 locations on the White Trail up to Station 2.

At the Mike Lynch Overlook the team finished installing the last of the steps down the side of Lynch. They also put in place a very large log as a seat/water bar at the Overlook as well. Finally, since we had the “wrestler power” we asked them to carry rocks uphill to be used in the closed off section of trail to help restore that area. It was quite a sight to see in action.

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