Lynch Restoration Continues

Over the past year the Mount Nittany Conservancy has been working , along with a number of volunteer groups, to control erosion at the Mike Lynch Overlook. To recap:

  • Lynch Erosion – Sept 16, 2011
  • Lion Ambassadors closes trail, starts new stepping system and creates new access trail
  • Penn State Wrestling Team installed last of the stepping system

Over the past few weeks, in a bit of whirlwind, input was sought and received on replanting the closed portion of trail at the Overlook while we could still put plants in the ground this Fall. Success was achieved this past weekend as native shrubs were established. The Conservancy would like to thank:

Jim Sellmer, Penn State Assistant Professor of Ornamental Horticulture. Jim provided us with a list of native shrubs and herbaceous species that could be used on Mt. Nittany. He also gave us the name of the Octoraro Native Plant Nursery as a good source for small container plants.

Jim MacKenzie from the Octoraro Native Plant Nursery of Kirkwood, PA. Once we contacted Jim, he was happy to work with us. In his email he said, “As proud and loyal Penn Stater’s my partner and I are willing to donate the woody plants for this project.” Since they also had a truck coming to the area last week, an order could be shipped and planted this Fall. Jim also gave us the name of the North Creek Nurseries, Inc. for the herbaceous species that we wanted to establish.

Claudia West from North Creek Nurseries, Inc. of Landenburg, PA. Claudia came right on board with the project. Through North Creek we now have an order of herbaceous plants set for May 2013 planting.

Steve Bogash, Penn State Regional Horticulture Educator. Steve was able to give us valuable tips on how to establish the shrubs from Octoraro. He also recommended that we enclose the area with plastic netting to prevent deer damage. Steve told us that Kenncove Farm Fencing Supplies sold a better grade of plastic fencing.

Kenncove Farm Fencing Supplies of Blairsville, PA. When contacted, they quickly shipped an order of 6 feet Plastic Net fencing to be in State College in time for the work weekend.

Penn State Alpha Phi Omega – Alpha Beta Chapter. Even though this co-ed service fraternity had just helped out on the Mountain the previous weekend, on just days’ notice they sent 5 members to help plant the shrubs and enclose the area with fencing.

Blake Gall, MNC board member. Blake was the delivery man par excellence. From his home on the Oak Hall side of Mt. Nittany and with his four-wheel ATV and trailer, Blake made several trips to bring up the shrubs, tools, and water we needed to make the project happen. He will continue to bring up water to the work zone to help establish the shrubs.

Laurie Verbeke. As “Volunteer of the Day” Laurie was our resident expert for plant placement and planting of the 28 of the 30 shrubs provided by the Octoraro Native Plant Nursery that we were able to squeeze into the designated area.

Three varieties of shrubs were provided by the Octoraro Native Plant Nursery.

North Creek Nurseries, Inc. will be sending us four herbaceous species in the Spring.