Superstorm Sandy Cleanup on Mt. Nittany Trails

Lion Ambassadors and the Paws Of Friendship worked on our trails this past Sunday, November 4, 2012. Led by MNC board members Bob Andronici and Vince Verbeke, the day’s objective was to travel the entire length of the Blue Trail loop (4.8 miles) and the White Trail loop (3.7 miles) and remove any downed trees across trails or other “widow maker” trees that were leaning dangerously over the trails. Aided by Blake Gall who cleared the far end of the Blue Trail, the groups were able to remove over 30 trees from the trails.

The “Blue Team” led by Bob who went up the Blue Trail from Station 1 to Station 10 and then came back along the front side of Mt. Nittany from Station 10 to Station 11 and then to Station 2 had the most work to accomplish. This was where Sandy’s winds did the most damage.

A BIG THANK YOU to both groups for coming to volunteer!

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