State College Young Professionals

Huge Shout-Out to the Young Professionals of State College for there work on the Mountain. It was a hot, muggy last day of June for a work party. But as you can see below, team work was the order of the day.


State College Young Professionals volunteer on the Mountain June 30, 2013

This is what was accomplished:

  • Removed three downed trees obstructing the White trail from Station #2 to Station #10.
  • Repositioned a large log that had broken loose at the Lynch Overlook and put rock stoppers in front of it and 3 other big logs that needed reinforcement.
  • Replaced 10-12 water bars that had washed out or deteriorated due to heavy rains.

If you see or know a member of the group, please extend another Thank You to them for us!


State College Young Professions were a strong and effective group.

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