Work Party Apr 25, 2015 (Multicultural Greek Council)

MNC Directors Blake Gall, Bob Andronici and Eric Loop were assisted by an energetic group of 30 volunteers from the Multicultural Greek Council on Saturday April 25th.

The group installed 2 new waterbars, removed a number of dead falls over trails, and worked to reduce erosion at the Mike Lynch Overlook.

In addition, they worked to close off the old path to the Lynch Overlook that goes straight down the slope to the Overlook. This path has been closed for several years due to extreme erosion due to over use.

Thanks MGC for your support!


Teamwork required to move a dead fall to close off old path at Lynch Overlook.


Group that cleaned trails on Oak Hall side or Mt. Nittany.


Cooperation and harmony flourishing with MGC!

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