Leon Kolankiewicz

  • Early Autumn Hike on Mount Nittany

    Early Autumn Hike on Mount Nittany

    On Sunday, October 8th I led the Mount Nittany Conservancy’s latest “Mount Nittany Hikers” expedition for ten hikers. Our approximately 3.5-mile hike up and around the crest of Mount Nittany started at the Mount Nittany Trailhead. We proceeded to trail markers 1, 10, 6, 5, 3 (Mike Lynch Overlook), 2, and then back down to 1 and the trailhead parking area.

    If you’ve had the pleasure of hiking Mount Nittany, you’ll know that the ascent and the descent are each quite rocky and steep, with difficult footing, for about half a mile. The trail segments atop the Mountain crest, in contrast, are mostly level or undulating, with generally good footing and some rocky patches.

    A highlight of the hike was observing more American chestnuts than I ever have before, especially along the segment of trail between markers 5 and 3. I’m sure they’ve been there all along, but this time I was more observant. Here’s a nice shot of one of our hikers holding three American chestnut leaves in different color phases as autumn proceeds:

    Our Mount Nittany Hikers group is now up to 147 members! If you have an interest in joining us for a future hike, please consider joining the group for notifications.