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  • A Surprise Princess Nittany Sighting

    I recently wrote about the presence of Princess Nittany throughout the community for our regular online column with Town & Gown. From downtown murals to student movies, our local hero manifests in numerous forms around the Nittany Valley. Yesterday, I encountered her in a rather unlikely spot: a 1985 football poster issued by Anheuser-Busch. I had the good […]

  • Discovering Princess Nittany

    Discovering Princess Nittany

    Who is Princess Nittany? Put simply, she is the Nittany Valley’s answer to Hercules, King Arthur, and Luke Skywalker — she’s a legendary champion who embodies virtues such as strength, heroism, wisdom, and compassion, and whose story helps define and strengthen a people’s sense of themselves. Like the proud Pennsylvania mountain lion who represents both…

  • Visions of Princess Nittany

    Does the Nittany Valley have a genius loci? I think so. I think we see encounter it through the book The Legends of the Nittany Valley, which features some of Henry Shoemaker’s American Indian legends and folk tales pertaining to our area. I think we encounter some of that spirit through this community’s intergenerational tradition of honor…