Gypsy Moths Threat to the Mountain

As you may have read in the Nov 6, 2007 Centre Daily Times article called “Gypsy moths threaten Mt. Nittany“, the stage is set for heavy defoliation not only on top but also on the highly visible sides of our beloved Mountain in 2008.

As indicated in the article, MNC is taking action to spray as much of Mount Nittany as possible. Look for more information on our plans in the upcoming November newsletter.

11-16-2007 Update: The Daily Collegian has printed an article as well called “Conservancy prepares for gypsy moth damage by ‘selling’ Mt. Nittany.” This articles starts: “A menacing creature is lying in wait on the branches of trees lining Mount Nittany, and Penn State alumni could help fend it off.”

Can you accept the sight of a bare Mt. Nittany? We earnestly hope that all of our friends will contribute to help us meet our financial needs and achieve our goals.

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For more information on the Centre County Gypsy Moth Program, you can visit this website: Their site includes a link to Health Facts. Here they explain that biological insecticide called B.t. or B.t.k for Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki will be used in the spraying program.

For more images of the gypsy moth, see the Gypsy Moth section of the Forestry Images website. Be sure to scroll down to the “damage” photos.