November 2007 Mount Nittany News

Members and friend of the Conservancy recently received in the mail our Fall newsletter from the Conservancy. A link to the newsletter is below.

The following is an excerpt from Ron Woodhead’s Presidents message.

We are all very fortunate that concerned alumni and community members have worked to acquire and protect Mt. Nittany over the past 60 plus years. The Conservancy now asks your assistance to continue those efforts. We are asking everyone who has enjoyed viewing or hiking Mt. Nittany to please support the future of Mt. Nittany by:

  • making a generous, tax-deductible donation,
  • joining each year as a “Friend of Mt. Nittany,” and
  • purchasing one or more Life Estate Deeds to honor family and friends.

Thank you for helping the Conservancy to keep Mt. Nittany green forever.

Please consider clicking the Support Us link and offering a donation as well in order that you too can receive future hard copy newsletters.

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