College Township has our Thanks and a Piece of the Mountain

When the Conservancy’s 825 acres was included in the 2008 PA Bureau of Forestry spraying program, we needed time to raise the $13,005 to cover the cost.

College Township stepped up to advance the funds before the county payment deadline of mid-December until the Conservancy was able to raise the funds. The MNC Board of Directors would like to express our sincere appreciation for their generosity. After the successful completion of our Spring Challenge Grant Campaign, we were able to reimburse the College Township Council.

At the June 19, 2008 College Township Council meeting, the Conservancy presented David Fryer, Township Council Chair with a framed Mt. Nittany Life Estate deed in thanks for the support.

Left to right is Adam Brumbaugh, Township Manager/Secretary; David Fryer, Township Council Chair; MNC Board member Erich May; MNC Board member Jeff Dietrich.


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