Donors during the Spring Challenge Grant Campaign

The MNC Board of Directors would like to express our sincere appreciation for the $5,000 Challenge Grant from the Centre County Community Foundation and to report our success in meeting that challenge.

We were fortunate that the spraying was completed in mid-May for the entire mountain, and we are optimistic that the effectiveness of the spray will minimize defoliation. Since we were included in the County/State spraying program, our cost for spraying our 825 acres was $13,005. The $5,000 Challenge Grant provided by CCCF was a key part of MNC being able to meet that cost.

Overall, community and alumni interest in protecting the trees on Mt. Nittany from gypsy moth damage was very high. This level of interest was also reflected in media coverage about the Gypsy Moth threat, and Mt. Nittany provided a well-known reference that would perhaps host a “Perfect Storm” of damage by these insects. Our fundraising efforts focused on the need to keep our Mountain green by meeting the Challenge Grant from CCCF.

The “official” months to match the Challenge Grant were April and May. Thanks to the support of our Friends $6,630 was donated during these months.

The remaining funds have supported our communications efforts and have been designated to beginning a reserve fund for future preservation of the Mountain.

See the Honor Roll of Donors who have supported our efforts during the Challenge Grant. You can become a Friend of the Conservancy or purchase a deed at any time.

  • James Anderson
  • Dennis & Margaret Anspach
  • Appalachian Outdoors
  • Richard Betts
  • Patrick M. Bisbey
  • Bill & Angela Boor
  • Emory Brown
  • E. Alan Cameron
  • Andrew Carson
  • Tom M. Cavalier
  • Karen Hargleroad Clautice
  • Michael Cooper
  • Charles Culnane
  • Carl and Martha Deitrich
  • Donald Devorris
  • Melbourne DeYoung
  • Robert Dix
  • Kevin Donlon
  • Martin Duff
  • David W. Dulabon
  • John Dutton
  • Harry J. Endres
  • Barry W. Fisher
  • Robert M. Fisher
  • Stuart Forth
  • Robert E. Fry
  • Gary & Ralphine Gentzler
  • Carolyn Grundy
  • William T. Grundy
  • Michael F. Hamel
  • Martin L. Heavner
  • Thad L. Hecht
  • Robert S. Hodder Jr.
  • William & Wendy Hudson


  • William A. Jaffe
  • Kevin Jud, Philadelphia PA
  • Mel S. Klein
  • Edward H. Klevans
  • Ned J. Kocher
  • Daniel Land
  • John and Gretchen Leathers
  • Herberta M. Lundegren
  • Samuel J. Malizia
  • Vincent L. Marino
  • Patricia E. McMullen
  • Ralph Mumma
  • Sue Obal
  • Allan and Bobbie Ostar
  • David M. Pellnitz
  • PSU Interfraternity Council
  • Paul Pilgram
  • Ralph E. Pilgram
  • James W. Powers
  • Joseph Rahalewich
  • Alexander H. Raye
  • Catherine Rein
  • Mary Jane Roelofs
  • Vincent Tedesco
  • Theodore C. Schmidt
  • Richard S. Schweiker
  • Daniel & Roseann Sieminski
  • Garen Smith
  • Richard Verity
  • S. Jeanine Vermillion
  • John & Annabelle Wenzke
  • John & Kathleen Winter
  • Robert S. Zakos Jr.


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