Grand Reopening of Mount Nittany

On an absolutely gorgeous spring day, the Mount Nittany Conservancy hosted a grand reopening of Mt. Nittany’s blue and white trails to celebrate installation of a new wayfinding system as well as a new trailhead map and brochures, purchased with a tourism grant through the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Central Region Emergency Strike Team (CREST) was on hand at the reopening providing information on hiking safey and much more.

MNC Secretary John Hook was on hand to provide a Welcome Tailgate for grand reopening visitors with hamburgers and hot dogs. MNC Board Member Jon Brooks trekked to the Mike Lynch Overlook and told the story of the Overlook to hikers. Jeff Deitrich, MNC Board Member, organized the ribbon cutting and with help from other MNC Board members in attendance (Erich May, John Mentzell, Tom Smyth, and Doug Wion) passed out free magnets, the new brochures, and answered questions about the Conservancy. Several MNC Director Emeritus were also on hand for the celebratory day (Ben Bronstein, Bill Jaffe, Ralph Mumma, and Ken Reeves).

The wayfinding system is a series of sign posts placed at key intersections to keep hikers from getting lost. Twelve wayfinding markers located at important intersections and additional signs will allow hikers to more easily see where they are and how to get back. Read more about the project and the people and groups involved here. and State covered the event as well. Be sure to click the pictures on both sites to see pictures on the event and the new trail signs.

MNC Board Member Jon Brooks has pictures on Picasa. A reporter from WJAC-TV was there to cover the event. You see her filming hikers looking over one of the new wayfinder signs.

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