Mount Nittany on YouTube

We noticed these videos posted to YouTube during the month of October 2010. We’re reposting here for the enjoyment of all of the Mountain’s friends and supporters.

14 Strong Mount Nittany Run – Oct 12, 2010
Penn State Women’s Gymnastics

Great Mountains of the World. Everest. Kilamanjaro. Fuji. NITTANY. The Penn State women’s gymnastics team completed their annual Mt. Nittany run and hike on Sunday Oct 10, 2010.

Mount Nittany Fall Hike – Oct 18, 2010
Richard Burgunder

A fall hike to a great overlook of PSU and Beaver Stadium. It was a very windy day and the fall foliage was spectacular.

Mount Nittany: The Climb – Oct 20, 2010
Penn State Admissions Bloggers

Thousands of students, alumni, locals, and visitors have tread the paths of Mount Nittany, one of Penn State’s biggest attractions. Come watch our adventure up the mountain… plus an unexpected detour.