Trail Signs and Maps Help Hikers

In the summer of 2009 the Mount Nittany Conservancy (MNC) began installing a wayfinding system of trail signs at critical intersections and points on the paths. In total, we have placed 19 signs on the Blue and White trails to help guide our visitors on the Mountain.

Several directors were instrumental in advancing the project, and, with the help of a grant from the Centre County Community Foundation, the signs were purchased this summer. Bob Andronici, chair of the Mountain Committee, led the charge, and Gary Gentzler researched and recommended the type of signs to use. The project was completed with tremendous help from MNC directors Vince Verbeke, Tim White, Bob Frick, and Blake Gall, who also donated use of his four-wheeler to haul cement and other materials up the mountain. MNC was granted access through the property of neighbor Wilhelm Kogelmann. Andronici said the project would have taken two years to complete without the ability to get heavy materials to the top and Mr. Kogelmann’s granted access.

Likewise, the project would not have happened without the help of many Penn State groups who volunteered. Circle K, Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Mu Delta fraternities, and the Blue and White Society spent significant time digging holes through mountain rock and erecting the signs in deep cement footers. In addition, these groups helped clear the trails of a significant number of trees that came down during the freak 2009 Homecoming snow storm in mid October.

Many thanks go to those organizations for hours upon hours of hard labor. To see images frm the project, click here: Wayfinder Images

Concurrent with this project, MNC has developed a new map. The map includes distances between major points on the trails and numbered markers where the new trail signs are and will be erected, including GPS coordinates for those locations. MNC would like to thank Michael Hermann of Purple Lizard Maps for completing the map project.

Station Signs

Sample Station Sign
Station Sign Map
Distances between Wayfinder Stations


Notice: Traveling in the back country can be hazardous. You are responsible for informing yourself about these hazards and taking necessary precautions. Information on this web site may contain errors or omissions. Please use common sense when hiking, and follow all rules & regulations as well as Leave No Trace principles when recreating in the out of doors. The Mount Nittany Conservancy takes NO responsibility for any injuries, accidents, mishaps, etc. that might take place on the grounds of the Conservancy.

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