Ken Reeves Memorial Geocache

Earlier this year Ken Reeves was unexpectedly taken from us. Ken’s wife, family and many friends are still in our thoughts.

Ken Reeves

Ken was an integral part of the founding of the Mount Nittany Conservancy in 1981. He served as our third President and was deeply involved in the organization as a Board member and Emeritus Board member ever since.

Ken’s love for the Mountain, his vision for its preservation and conservation, and his knowledge about all that surrounds it, has been an inspiration for all of us who have the honor of serving the Mountain. It was our privilege to have known and worked with Kenny and his guidance and friendship will be greatly missed.

To help keep his memory alive, the Lions Paw classes of 2007 and 2008 collected donations to the Mt. Nittany Conservancy in memory of Ken. But they also decided to create a geocache on the Mountain for him. The cache includes the following placard about Ken and what he meant to the Mountain.


In addition, since Kenny was all about the weather, a weather instrument is included in the cache. This will allow visitors to record date, year, barometric reading and temperature in the log book. We’re sure that Kenny would find that pretty cool!


To visit the Ken Reeves Memorial Geocache, go here:

As of today, three folks have logged their visit to the cache. Here is the first to find entry:

I’m pleased and honored to be FTF on this wonderful memorial cache. Beautifully done–I loved the contents of the cache, so appropriate. This was my first ever FTF, so I did a little happy dance up there on Mt. Nittany 🙂


We encourage anyone who plans to hike the Mountain that Ken loved so much to make this another “must complete” item on their Life List.

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