Ehrlich Pest Control of Yellow Jackets Near Station 10

The Mount Nittany Conservancy would like to extend a grateful THANK YOU to Ehrlich Pest Control Service of State College PA.

A recent work party on the Mountain was attacked and stung by many yellow jackets. In order to prevent hikers from being attacked, MNC boad member Bob Andronici contacted local companies for help. Ehrlich Pest Control Service stepped up to help solve the issue.

They sent a technician up the Mountain with Bob to treat what was identified as a “very bad infestation just off the trail at Station 10.” The full job beginning to end took 1.5 hrs. We’d like to thank Scott Feaster, the technician, for his time and efforts.

Ehrlich gave MNC a greater than 50% discounted price for the service as well! One last time, thanks again to Ehrlich Pest Control Service of State College in keeping hikers on Mt. Nittany safe!

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