Celebrating Centre Foundation’s 40th Anniversary and Mount Nittany’s Future

Celebrating Centre Foundation’s 40th Anniversary and Mount Nittany’s Future

The Mount Nittany Conservancy has partnered with Centre Foundation for many years. Centre Foundation stewards more than $200,000 in Mount Nittany-focused endowments thanks to the love and generosity of so many across so many years. These endowed funds produce annual revenue that contributes toward the all-volunteer Mount Nittany Conservancy’s annual budget. Centre Foundation provides the Mount Nittany Conservancy stability and sustainability for our continuing work to conserve the Mountain for Penn Staters, Central Pennsylvanians, and all friends of nature.

Gifts to Centre Foundation’s Mount Nittany Conservancy Fund, Mount Nittany Blue and White Trails Fund, and Ben Novak Fellowship Fund grows our endowments and are a way to support the Mount Nittany Conservancy in perpetuity.

Vincent Corso, senior staff writer for The Centre County Gazette and regular contributing writer with Town & Gown, writes on Centre Foundation’s 40th anniversary:

“Every day, countless people and organizations work to do good in Centre County. Mentors and counselors work with children, giving them a path to success. People and families in need find food, safety, and shelter through many helping hands. Beautiful streams and forests are protected and maintained by people who care about the future of the planet. Those with developmental disabilities find strength and purpose from community members who know they are more than a label. All around the community, artists find venues for performing and platforms for sharing their work and giving back, uplifting everyone.

“All these things and more—accomplished through tremendous work by an impressive network of nonprofits and community organizations—help make Centre County a wonderful place to live for all. One thing is for sure: none of this work could be done without a lot of support. 

“For forty years, Centre Foundation has helped to give these organization a solid foundation, by believing that everyone can be a philanthropist. …

“It is easy to see the impact of the Centre Foundation at work. All you have to do is ask the organizations it supports. 

“The Mount Nittany Conservancy was established around the same time as the Centre Foundation and has grown right along with it.

“‘As we’ve grown, we’ve looked to Centre Foundation as a stable, trustworthy, and permanent ally for supporting our mission of the conservation of Mount Nittany. We’re proud to have established multiple endowments with Centre Foundation and to encourage Penn Staters and townspeople who care about Mount Nittany to provide for its permanent conservation in part through growing Centre Foundation’s Mount Nittany Conservancy Fund. We look forward to our missions and organizations growing old together through the years, decades, and even centuries to come,’ says conservancy Vice President Tom Shakely.”