Looking Up at Mount Nittany, Wherever We May Be

As summer quickly fades and the fall season approaches us, it’s important to take a moment and reflect.

Mount Nittany serves many purposes for the inhabitants of the Nittany Valley, but as the winds of change draw nearer, one can look ahead and see those physical effects of seasonal change reflected in the Mountain. 

Currently, the leaves of the trees who call the Mountain home still vibrantly display the lush green of summer. Slowly, but surely, her leaves will begin to change to the fiery shades of fall as the weeks pass by. For some—myself included—it’s easy to lose track of the days and feel somewhat disconnected from the present. 

In the past, I’ve found myself feeling as though time has flown with each glance of the calendar. But lately, I’ve allowed myself to focus more intently on the present and appreciate it by simply looking up. Up at the towering, full trees around us, and up at Mount Nittany wherever I may be in town. 

Time will continue to pass, and the summer season won’t last forever. But each time I feel myself losing that present focus, I look to the Mountain, and I see her abundant shades of green. It helps to ground me, and allows me to be thankful. It comforts me, and helps me reflect on the wonderful summer months we’ve enjoyed, but also offers an appreciation of the current moment we are in.    

I hope anyone feeling similar can feel that reassurance when they look to Mount Nittany. We can appreciate the time that’s passed us by, but focus on the moment at hand. It helps the days slow down, and offers a feeling of excitement for the days, weeks, and months we have to look forward to. 

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