November 2010 Mount Nittany News

Members and friends of the Conservancy recently received in the mail our Fall newsletter from the Conservancy. A link to the newsletter is below.

The following are excerpts from the Grand Reopening Promotes Safety, New Wayfinding System Aims To Keep Hikers On The Right Path article.

On an absolutely gorgeous spring day, the Mount Nittany Conservancy hosted a Grand Reopening of Mt. Nittany’s blue and white trails to celebrate installation of a new wayfinding system as well as a new trailhead map and brochures, purchased with a tourism grant through the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The wayfinding system is a series of sign posts placed at key intersections to keep hikers from getting lost. Twelve wayfinding markers located at important intersections and additional signs will allow hikers to more easily see where they are and how to get back.

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